Welcome to my unorthodox and highly opinionated resource dedicated to Oriental philosophy, spiritual practices and high altitude trekking in Nepal, India and Tibet. I guide groups and individuals together with my Nepalese friends and partners.

I am freelancer Himalayan guile, not a travel agency. I am not selling any pre-packaged tours with fixed schedules and standard routes. I could, of course, guide a group accordingly, but this is just my seasonal job. An individual or an organization could hire me, on contractual basis, as guide, instructor or a group leader.

My primary occupation, so to speak, is to create prerequisites, necessary for obtaining of personal realizations - so called "aha-moments", which could result in everlasting spiritual transformations. This is the reason behind any Himalayan trekking. Usually, people call guys like me a self-help guru.

So, we go together into this or that trek, we are walking and talking, trying to conquer ourselves, to undo wrong socially conditioned habits of thinking, trying to develop new, proper breathing and relaxation habits, to observe one's own states of the mind and properly identify the feelings, trying to attain the proper balance of body and mind, to become 100% idle.

After two or three weeks of trekking the freshly acquired skills become habits. Your own, personal realizations will never be forgotten. It is for what you are paying me the premium.