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Tata trucks and Royal Enfield cycles.

Let's add some Oriental flavor to this blog..

Everything in Nepal, small but beautiful Himalayan country is driven by Tata trucks. They are custom build (the cab and truck) and vividly painted, but its technology - the engine, transmission, brakes, etc. seems like that of 1970-s.

It is not the case that there is any difficulty, finance or trading restrictions, to get a "modern" trucks - China is one day ride away. The reason is that those trucks are good enough. They are chap, reliable and what is most important - easily maintainable.

In any village in whole Indian sub-continent, including Sri-Lanka they could me serviced, disassembled and put back together in the day or two. It does not require any special computerized diagnostic equipment, special unique tools and expensive machinery, and specially trained personal.

In other words, they are simple, predictable and familiar things. They are popular because they are good-enough. People feel confident with them.

These criteria are exactly the same for the good software. It should be simple, familiar and easily serviceable. This is what Scheme system such Gambit-C or MIT Scheme are like, as opposed to the JVM based technology, which requires a large set of complicated tools just to be able to do basic tasks.

Unfortunately, the analogy with BMW (a brilliant engineering in a closed, sealed, non-serviceable by amateurs engine) is incorrect in the case of JVM. It is not brilliant at all, it is a complicated mess, based on wrong ideas and design decisions (The isolation from an underlying OS is one of them).

So, instead of BMW engine we got a sealed piece of crap, marketed to idiots as a solution to all their shortcomings - it is a way of thinking (everything in the world is a hierarchy of object - with is deeply wrong) and the way of writing (public static void - describing all the details, instead of meaning).

Why it is so? Because it is easy to and sell - idiots know nothing better (they really believe nothing better exist) and they influence each other (think of peer and bandwagon effects combined along with confirmation bias and few other cognitive biases)

Some day I will write down what cognitive biases and effects produced this reality distortion.)