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Not every abstract notion is applicable. Much less applicable to itself.

The Russell's paradox should be resolved with 'inapplicable' type error. A category tag is inapplicable to itself.

Same goes for probabilistic inference - it is inapplicable for partially observable phenomena. It should be a type error.

Yet another ban.

For the love of god, why?

1 ]=> (expt -2 2)

;Value: 4

1 ]=> (* -2 -2)

;Value: 4
* (expt -2 2)

* (* -2 -2)

>>> -2**2
>>> -2 * -2

Elections 2016

The majority of "less educated" has been primitively manipulated, using naive memes and the modern propaganda technologies developed by the well-educated, to vote against well-educated, framed as "the corrupt establishment".

The less educated majority are so sure about being the majority (statistically they obviously are) that they are taking "the stealing elections from them" meme for granted.

No one even tries to evaluate memes anymore, like "returning back all these manufacturing jobs" - would you really like to compete with Chinese wage laborers by working long hours for less than $15 per day? But this is how the global economy works. No amount of legislation could make much more expensive to produce goods competitive.

The same thing happened with the Brexit - the uneducated majority has been manipulated by populists to vote for unrealistic meme-like prospects.

The problem is simple - too many uneducated, and memes, memes everywhere.

Cognitive decline..

It seems that I used to be in a much better shape 2 years ago - Folds