Posts for the month of December 2017

Bitcoin $1,500

Time to say something on the occasion.

There is no way to get out of this keeping such inflated valuation. No institution would buy bitcoin in case of a selloff, which will happen some day or another.

Another notion is that there is just not enough free USD to convert any substantial amount of BTC, an operation which by itself will trigger a selloff and burst.

These millionaires are only on a disk. There is no way to cash it out on such valuation.

It is a trap. The classic case of inflated asset bubble, given that asset is virtual and the Ponzi scheme is global.

Lets see.

Gold Standard

Peter Norvig's code is a gold standard.

Habitual clarity, precise use of language and attention to details.

This is what programming is all about.

Notice also how expressive and concise Python3 is.