Posts for the month of November 2018

Epic fight (or fail?)

A decent CS degree, like that of MIT matters a lot. I could give an example. Once upon a time a stumbled upon this classic article (which I re-read sometimes to feel better):

When I read this for the first time I have been literally shocked by sudden realization that I have coded some stuff in PHP but never knew it is such a crap.

It also taught me that I literally know nothing, that I am merely a stupid coder, not a programmer, so I undertook a serious study of CS fundamentals to be able to write an article like this in the future.

Now, after a few years of studying, I know a half-a-dozen of languages and I know crap when I see it. Ironically, what is going on with the Node ecosystem puts PHP3 into a shame. But it is natural, because most of JS coders have no CS background. People with CS background sometimes produce gems like Go or Erlang, while "mere coders" always produce things like PHP, J2EE and npm.

There is only one thing that I regret - it could save me so much time by not reading bullshit on the web if only I could find the right books (like Programming Erlang, Haskell School of Expression or On Lisp) and right courses (like Dan Grossman's and 6.001 2004 - the last course in Scheme) first. There is a huge, qualitative difference between a well-written gems like these and fucking crap some narcissistic idiots post in their blogs.

I have found the right books and the right courses by literally swimming through the sewers for years. A decent school will teach you the right principles, instead of irrelevant details, in ML or Scheme right from the beginning.