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some gems from /g/

Ocaml is a product of brain-dead people, like Java. It is really that bad. No proper numeric tower in a functional language is a disaster.

Haskell is a miracle, but it is plagued by idiots and narcissistic degenerates who abuse the type system and Monadic IO by exercising in an idiocy of producing too abstract too general and useless data types where just a function composition and sum-types will do.

So, learn to reduce everything to the smallest possible sets of appropriate idioms.

The current public domain Haskell code form fpcomplete and other narcissistic idiots is utter bullshit. Everything could be done with much more ease and simplicity by merely porting stuff from SML, Erlang (with some message-passing lib) or Common Lisp world. Laziness has been solved by Monadic IO.

Beauty is very very relevant, because it is a sign of approaching perfection (which is a state when there is nothing more left to take away - a local optimum). In nature it is a product of countless trials and errors, while in human crafts it is a product of quality.

Beauty arises out of very good quality, you pleb.

Take a look at the evolution of Haskell's prelude, lets say from ghc-6.x and up to now.

Contrast is which the fucking abomination which is called foundation-0.x which is a product of enterprise degenerates.


Your proposition was that code cannot be elegant, beautiful and maintainable at the same time.

I have shown you a concrete example with refutes your idiotic assumption. Just this.

good thread