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SJW censorship ruined HN community.

I have got banned on 5 different accounts for comments like this:

The classic case, the gold standard - the math is correct, the programmer is one of the best in the whole world (I have read PAIP) but the simulation is completely meaningless. First of all, almost no (zero) transactions occur across different social strates (or castes), at least in real world, like here, in India (where I am living for now).

Second, randomness does not exist. Each social dynamic has its causes, too complex to capture, so it is much easier (and profitable) to assume randomness. However, randomness implies lose of any meaning. A blur which ruins the original image.

A naive model superimposed on a too complex to comprehend reality is neither explanatory or even meaningful. This is just a philosophy 101. Map is not a territory, simulation (a cartoon) is merely, well, a cartoon.

Third, this kind of modeling bullshit nowadays is literally everywhere, and this is called "science".

Education (and inflated government) is a new way of signaling a higher social state, similar to scholastic priesthood of the past. It is entirely a social construct (aside from practical, concrete-math-based STEM and engineering).

Another real-life aspect is that passing through a really decent schools like MIT or Caltech (or Yale, as an exception) is a proof (by example) that one is capable of self-discipline, concentration, self-improvement, able to do research and learn on by doing.

Aside from that a degree is just and merely a social status certificate, a certificate of belonging to a higher social class (no matter actual skills and abilities).

I myself am from a third-world social shithole and never went to a high school. I could, however, beat a vast majority of so-called liberal arts majors and even some Stanford grads, which I regularly did on this very site before CoCs and bans for use of an "inappropriate" language.

So, there is nothing much to talk about. A crappy degree is a social status certificate, and obsession with language usage, long-words and polit-correctness and fancy abstract terminology is merely a signaling of assumed, self-proclaimed (and almost always absent) virtue.