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Fuck political correctness and fuck censure

This is just an attention whoring, bragging and self-praise, lots of ambitions with little or no real education. Canonical definition of a russian. Any attempt to apply mathematical methods for modeling of fully observable, deterministic, stable systems, like probability or neural networks (they assume, by definition, stable patterns, which arise from underlying laws at the training stage and in feedback loops) will inevitably lead to a failure. Always. In principle.

Gamefication of markets is even more stupid idea, hence, again, an adequate game model requires a well-defined set of rules which does not change in the middle of the game, and, like any other model or simulation, requires that all (every) relevant factors has been adequately represented, which will never be the case.

Last but not least, one never trade in the middle of the chart, on the past data. If a model fits the past data it only means that it has been trained on the past data, which is already "stable". It will be unable to deal with new data because it will be nothing like training and testing set in principle.

Even classic methods from signal processing will not do, because a signal implies regularly and predictability (a predetermined set of probabilities), while markets do not possess such properties.

This is just misapplication of methods without any understand of underlying phenomena, methods being used, their applicability and limitations.

Read some Hamming lmao.