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What "exist" and "real" mean.

There are two different kind of existence - one is of the mind and one of the universe (here "the" is redundant).

There are process (and only processes) or to be precise sub-processes in the universe, which itself is a one single unfolding process. No more, no less.

Processes do exist and are real. Nothing else is. What we call atoms are processes too.

For the mind, it's own abstractions and generalisations are real and seem to exist the way Nature exist. Mind sees its own creations as if they are real in the universe.

Strangely enough, most of these abstractions and generalisations (however valid and useful) do not exist outside ones own head (and common culture).

The veil of these concepts which distorts our perception of what is real had been recognised by Upanishadic seers and early Buddhists and is called the veil of Maya by them. The term Maya is even more general and signifies a source of delusion or misperceptions.

Mother Nature, for example, does not possess any numbers and does not count. There is no notion of counting at the level of molecular biology (no counters, no overflows). Information is structural, not digital. There is only structural pattern-matching in DNA/RNA/protein machinery.

This is an implicit proof that lots of concepts does not exist universally. Molecular biology uses literally everything what is real and available, and does not use what does not exist.

There is no notion of time, no notion of simultaneity (yes, everything is built as if nothing else exist - just triggers and message-passing (of "concrete" molecular structures).

The fundamental principle is that what seems real and existing for the mind does not necessarily (and usually do not) exist outside of it.

Mixing and matching concepts of the mind with real processes or their attributes is the cause of the fucking mess which is called modern science, which is actually modern astrology and alchemy based on sectarian consensus, like any religious sect, abstract models and simulations.

There are two concepts which does not exist. First one is simple - a number. There are literally no numbers anywhere of any kind. Just none. The other, less obvious but closely related, is so-called time-space (or absolute, "physical" time). It is nowhere to be found and cannot be experimentally demonstrated.

No, human-made clocks does not measure anything. They are man-made devices which trying to count equal intervals of whatever it happens to be. Of course, these devices are subject to gravitational influences, so they became distorted (as processes) and their reading vary depending on physical aspects of reality.

Have you seen any other devices made to support a human made abstractions? Visit any church or monastery, visit pyramids or Maya temples - there are no shortage of such devices in there.

The famous thought experiment by Einstein is logically unsound, or, to be precise, has type errors, mixing concepts of different kind - existing and nonexistent concepts of the mind.

Again, clocks measure nothing. Time is a derived notion. So each clock is completely unrelated to each other, unlike, say, thermometers or other devices built to measure what is real.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power.

But knowing is not merely a process of collecting and memorising facts here are and there. It is precisely like solving a jigsaw puzzle where each new piece (of information) must match (does not contradict) the ones that has been matched before.

Not just that, but once in a while there is a fact which contradicts (disproves) the previous results - it literally doesn't fit. In that case the results must be thrown away and the whole inductive process backtrack to the last non-contradictory set of matching pieces. Demolition of socially constructed bullshit is a recursive process.

Neti neti - not this, not that.

But once the puzzle is completed (at least in principles) one would see things as they really are.

The Buddha discovered (popularized) this path.


So, basically I have it solved analytically. Ancient eastern philosophy still holds.

Any simulation of a multiple causation stochastic phenomena is as representative of reality as a cartoon animation movie. This is almost a definition.

The imperial college of London has been released its corvid19 simulation on GitHub. I am still in doubt what was the purpose of that endeavour and how much money has been wasted on it. I am also sure that the authors think themselves as advanced scientists and that they are entitled to an upper middle class life of a scientific researcher.

That model, however was a disconnected from reality naive bullshit. They have modelled neighborhoods of various density full of people of a few kinds and a function with emulates contagion parameterized by a few naive assumptions. They ran it a few times and they released their recommendations to the govts.

A success story by no means. Heroes on the blessing edge.

There is however a few principal objections. First, this naive model is literally as oversimplified as a cartoon. Tom and Jerry if you wish.

A model which trying to represent the whole outbreak as a single chemical reaction, based on concentration of virus particles, temperature as intensity of social interactions, etc, would be a way better cartoon but a cartoon nevertheless.

Abstract concepts of pure mathematics does not exist in what we call reality. They exist only in what we call Maya - a veil made by mind out of socially constructed concepts which hides reality from our primordial awareness (the one newborns and animals posses).

There is no such thing as randomness (it is a vague mathematical concept), there is no such thing as perfect bell-shaped curves, there is no such thing as estimated probabilities. These are all just socially constructed notions. Memes.

There is no way to model a stochastic process which evolves as you trying to capture it's dynamics. This is a philosophical principle, it cannot be short-circuited. All the models capture the past, the results. The past is made out of effects, not the causes.

The only way to deal with multiple causation is to know all the relevant factors, which is possible only with simple discrete fully deterministic system such as coins, dices or decks of cards. These methods cannot, again, in principle, be used against stochastic processes. They are simply not applicable - it is just a type error like multiplication of trees by birds.

Modeling of stochastic system is the new astrology. No matter how sophisticated (one might try to train a neural network to learn parameters for a model - no difference, it is still uses the past as it's source) a model will always be disconnected from what is as a movie or a story. By the same reason it will never predict anything valuable. It would be just "like what happened", a mere bunch of ideas.

That model is useless. The actual corvid19 numbers in UK just showed no correlation with any naive model. But successful astrology will definitely make you rich and famous, just like a few millennia ago .

The Big Picture

Now I have got it as a big picture. The 20th century was the century of abstract bullshit, which flourished at the second half of 19th. Hegelian "philosophy", Froudian and Jungian "psychology", Marxist "economics", and even theoretical "physics" has its roots way back in the Platonic memes of pure abstract entities and imaginary escape of a pure reason into the realm of pure ideas, escape from mundane biological reality of which it is a merely by-product.

No wonder abstractionism and related art forms have been peaked at the same time. Abstract bullshit as an art form, the real apogee.

Now, in the age of molecular biology and computers we begin to realise that abstract bullshit, like Froudian abstract entities of the mind, were not even close to what is, Marxism, which goes against the major social instincts of any biological organism had not a single chance, and that about ninety percent of what we call modern science is socially constructed and maintained by sectarian consensus bullshit.

Wrong abstractions is the root of all evil. Reality is very "concrete" and "mechanical" so to speak. Mother Nature does not even count (but has the notion of information - structural, not digital), leave alone things like potential or purpose.

Everything is just a sub-processes in one single unfolding process which we call Universe (notice lack of the) or Reality. Indian Upanishadic seers and Buddha were right. Everything what follows was mostly a regression, at least all the western abstract bullshit.

Modern Programming

Now I understood what exactly is wrong with f*cking node_modules and Rust's crates -- the amateur developers are using redundant, useless abstractions a lot and you have all the fancy shit in your hundreds (thousands in the case of node_modules abomination) dependencies.

Everything is going to regress back to PHP - a pile of narcissistic amateur crap -- fractal of bad design.

It is almost as bad as it is in Haskell, where every single idiot is trying to use all the esoteric stuff he read about in this or that blog post.

C++ is more sane in this way. And Haskell is a bliss if you are using just a few modules which Cabal or GHC itself uses.

Avoid Javascript at all costs. Rust is still an ambicious amateur Ruby-ish.

Deep Crisis

BTW, corvid19 outbreak made evident and obvious the deep crisis of so called modern "science" which is based on sectarian consensus, peer-reviewed bullshit, compilations of sources instead of tedious and costly experimental research.

Basically, the situation is exactly the same as in obscure branches of "research" like Tibetology and Tantric "Buddhism" which is exactly a complication of anecdotes and citations of unqualified amateurs. The famous bullshitters like Tucci invented whole civilizations and are most widely cited nevertheless.

So called scientific consensus is, obviously, never a criterion for the Truth. Only series of replicable experiments are. Sectarian consensus is what proper science emerged to fight against. Now pseudo-intellectual posers ruined it back to the level of astrology and alchemy, with probabilities and simulations and what not.

The argument about complexity of phenomena is misused. When faced with overwhelming complexity one has to slowdown and backtrack to study underlying principles instead of modeling and simulating poorly understood nonsense. There is no other way.