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Bitcoin Blockchain Visualization

It should be included in textbooks how IOHK is failing to deliver by turning their Haskell into enterprise java with monads (instead of keeping it as logic and math with actions/effects). Fpcomplete got it all wrong. (Don't read their tutorials, obsessed with strictness - it is a crap).

Haskell is a language to formalize problems and define declarative solutions using equational reasoning.

It is a pure logic, not some funny ML with laziness by default.

No one gives a shit what programming language you use


Only if you do webshit or CRUD. Formal verification people, however, do care a lot.

Haskell is logic, so if you have managed to express your solution in Haskell and it typechecks and compiles, you suddenly have more than just code.

But, of course, Javascript...

Nix is the ultimate DevOps toolkit

No. Unnecessary, redundant abstractions and wrapping is never the answer. Standardized interfaces and protocols are.

Erlang and Go got it right. We should learn from hardware people, not from virtue signalling narcissistic assholes.

Nix is a cancer. Stable/standardized and versioned interfaces is a remedy.

The most important statistical ideas of the past 50 years

Statistics (merely observation and counting) cannot establish or even discover causation in principle. Period. No matter how many per reviewed gibberish papers will be published, the philosophical principle will stand.

What you observe are effects. Causes are not there.

Only discrete, fully observable, simple systems, like dice or a deck of cards, could be modelled adequately.

Most of real world complex systems with multiple causation cannot.

Advanced statistics is a definition of a socially constructed sectarian movement.

Nassim Taleb: Bitcoin failed as a currency and because...

Good morning lmao.

Anyone with a tech background or a few functioning neurones would see this back in 2018.

55% of all Tether, $25B, were created in 2021

Supply and demand, why? Some demand comes from retail, who wants to convert their crypto or USD into it, other demand comes from a exchanges, of course, and yet another from whoever it was for whatever they want. Of course, on a retail side the meme "1 usdt = 1 USD" will "hold", because it is a meme "social contract" in which normies believe. However, on the exchange and crooks side there could be almost arbitrary arrangements, including bulk discounts, long term loans, etc.

This is what lack of transparency is for.

We could easily argue that comparable amount has been used by retail, because the whole Ponzi is to sell to them. They always pay a full price plus fees.

Broken logic.

I finally got what is so wrong with these idiotic English examples of silly "logical" implications.

Unrelated expressions cannot constitute a valid logical implication.

Just like that. There must be a relation. Preferably causal.

And when we consider an implication as establishing of a necessary and sufficient condition, necessity should be related to causation.

2 + 2 = 4 does NOT imply 1 - 1 = 0.

These two propositions (both True) are unrelated.

And, of course, False implies nothing. This only valid in mathematical logic. So is inclusive OR.

Mathematical logic is special due to referential transparency of valid expressions and equational reasoning, as a consequence.

Truth tables, not causality or any natural laws controls mathematical logic. This is why False "implies" True and both truths are OR.

Reality has only causal implications and exclusive ORs.