Posts for the month of July 2021

Is π the Same in Every Universe?

This is a double barrel idiotic question. First of all, there is no other universes. More precisely, there is no way to know or even assume the existence of other.

Second, pi is a notion (generalisation) of human mind, and does not exist anywhere outside of shared culture. It is just a relation of two abstract notions.

Yes, other observers could come to the same notions and conclusions, but it is only a theoretical possibly.

Idiots Against SQL

Against the fundamental notions of product types, records, unions and intersections, binary relations?

Idiots, idiots everywhere.

What Are the Odds We Are Living in a Computer Simulation

This is are a meaningless questions. One cannot calculate any such odds in principle. It is an application of a wrong concept. The real answer is that in cannot be known, again, in principle.

The first such answer has been given by Upanishadic seers back then, based on the principle that intellect, conditioned by perceptions, cannot know. Observations of effects is not enough to know the causes and "mechanics".

The modern answer is that abstraction barriers are impenetrable (yes, in principle). There is absolutely no way to even guess an actual wiring of a processor from the level of code (separated by a few layers of abstraction barriers).