Deep Crisis

BTW, corvid19 outbreak made evident and obvious the deep crisis of so called modern "science" which is based on sectarian consensus, peer-reviewed bullshit, compilations of sources instead of tedious and costly experimental research.

Basically, the situation is exactly the same as in obscure branches of "research" like Tibetology and Tantric "Buddhism" which is exactly a complication of anecdotes and citations of unqualified amateurs. The famous bullshitters like Tucci invented whole civilizations and are most widely cited nevertheless.

So called scientific consensus is, obviously, never a criterion for the Truth. Only series of replicable experiments are. Sectarian consensus is what proper science emerged to fight against. Now pseudo-intellectual posers ruined it back to the level of astrology and alchemy, with probabilities and simulations and what not.

The argument about complexity of phenomena is misused. When faced with overwhelming complexity one has to slowdown and backtrack to study underlying principles instead of modeling and simulating poorly understood nonsense. There is no other way.


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