How it works..)

some smart-ass (A) meet some bankster (B)..

A: Look, I've heard you are looking for an opportunity to invest..

B: Forget about it!

A: Listen, I have very good idea - software for Cloud Computing! (Serious people cannot cope with this punk's Linux OS - all those text files and bloody command line! in 2010! People need some serious enterprise tools with industry-strength interface, message-passing middle-ware, database back-end) There is a huge market for it.

B: Um.. Cloud Computing (I'm recalling that John told me something about clouds on that cocktail party) But there are others doing it, aren't they? How could we sell it?

A: Easy, we will make it open source and suckers will download and install it themselves!

B: Well, do you know anything about making a software?

A: Forget about it, we will use Java and proven top-down process, like everyone else!

B: Java.. Sounds good (How do I know? Everyone speaks so. It is industry standard, you know, everyone are using it.)

A: So, we need a headquarter in a Valley, and a Coding team in East Europe, and Q/A team in Asia, and Sales and Marketing here. (I will hire remote coders instead and keep all money..)

B: Yeah, yeah. I know how to run a joint..

A: I will watch all this as CEO (and offload all that development process and all responsibility to VPs)

B: But what if is something will go wrong?

A: C'mon, I will send you a monthly reports with all the numbers and plots - team's sizes, lines of code, man hours, quality control results. You know, the more lines of Java code you have, the more money it worth, the more man-hours spent on it, the more valuable product you have, the more coders you hire, the faster it grows. You will see our growth on a daily basis!

B: Um, well, $10 millions for the first stage..

A: Yeah, 20, we should hire teams and stuff.

B: Yeah, I know!

A: When shall we start?


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