Major Cleanup

It seems that I am finally ready for a major cleanup of these pages in order to make them more comprehensible.

I hope I could be able to emphasize (there is never enough) the importance to attention to details, deep understanding of whys not just hows, and some passion and zeal.

It is all about a subtle balance, which it seems, underlies everything in the Universe. The balance is appropriate to everything, including passion and zeal. Lack of it will lead to ruin, like all these Zen zealots have ruined the very idea of Zen (which is a practice of not misusing of the mind or using it the way it was evolved - as a tool, not as a cause of suffering).

I would like to show the important difference between what might be called a crafted masterpiece and a dump. The best example of a dump I can think of is these bookshelves in guest houses, where they keep the books abandoned by tourists - the collection of crap to be never looked back again (this is what 98% of Java code is).

Emacs, for example, is a masterpiece, while Eclipse is a garbage dump. Scheme, Haskell or Erlang are a masterpiece, while Common Lisp, Java or C++ are dumps (given that Common Lisp is a truly masterpiece compared to C++).

I would like to talk about artistic sense and deep personal involvement of an artist, which makes code of guys like bbatsov, kennethreinz, sysoev, antirez, to name a few, so beautiful.

I hope I would be able to convey the importance of big ideas and vanity of popular buzzwords. That tables-driven approach as in pandas is a big old idea, and, for example, "reactive" is just nonsense.

So, lets try.


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