The Google Effect.

Everyone was told in a elementary school that being a copycat is not not good and will cause lots of problems in later life.

Why? Because by copying a ready solution, produced by someone else, we gain nothing, even developing a wrong habit of thinking, as if all we need is an ability to find a ready solution and copy-paste it.

Now Google provides us a really easy way to find a solution to copy-paste, and this is what crowds do. Searching is the new normal.

Instead of trying to identify underlying ideas, concepts and principles, to understand how it works, and why it is so, people are searching for a ready solution, produced by someone else, that matches their assumptions and fulfill their expectations.

Snap-judgments on quickly matched features against expectations without any attempt to understand, leave alone analyze, of what is inside is the cause of later problems.

Professionally advertised features, a promise of easy live and tons of ready solutions is the major selling strategy. This is why such crap like php, mysql (with myisam and table-level locking) mongodb, nodejs, clojure or JVM gained such popularity. They promised an easy live without understanding of what is inside.

The bandwagon and the peer effects, of course, are in a play. Everyone are using php and mysql (now rails and nodejs), so it must be good. Everyone are using Java and Javascript, so they must be good.

But we know, that exactly the opposite is the case. Everyone are eating a cheap, processed fast-food, so, it must be good. Everyone are drinking booze, so, it is OK. Everyone are getting credits having no means to pay back - so we shall do.

There are different kinds of solutions, which was not a result of marketing efforts to sell crap to suckers, but an evolved results of a bottom-up processes of producing a solution by themselves, for themselves. There are Linux kernel, FreeBSD, postgresql, MIT Scheme and SBCL, nginx and redis, Go and python3, even Rails at the time of 1.x versions.

As long as people will continue to search for a ready solution instead of spending time to master the concepts and underlying principles, and then select the appropriate tools, we will have piles of lowest quality crap for sale, and even open-source solutions will be bloated and ill-designed, put together in a hurry without any understanding of underlying abstraction layers, guided only by the strategy how to sell.

Lisp-like syntax on top of JVM - Wow! Side-effects, underlying general List structure? Tail-call optimized recursion? Who cares?! Lets marry V8 with event-driven development concept - wow! Server-side Javascript. Underlying OS? Event notification model? Calling conventions? Who cares?!

This tendency is not limited to Information Technology field, it is in finance and in investing, in every bubble, produced by a wave of mass hysteria.

We could call it the bubble of copy-pasters, the bubble of mediocre, the age of incompetent. The Google effect.

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