What Is Wrong With HN

Censorship is bad for many reasons, most notably it discourages freedom of expression, which is absolutely crucial part of communication.

All the harsh words, name-calling, etc, are creating required, necessary tension, which is fruitful in the long run, because it encourages people to become stronger. The way Navi seals gets trained, the way fraternity goes on in any college, etc, etc.

HN became a walled garden, safe space for *mediocrity*, with some "sheriffs" patrolling it. The community has been quickly degenerated into some sort of LinkedIn, full of imposers, cosplay of intelligence and commonplaceness.

Below are examples of comments for which I got banned so many times, and yet I refuse to follow any CoC or frame my emotional responses differently, because the emotions are crucial part of the message.

So, fuck off.


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