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Yeah, is it such a fine set of ideas, or rather intuitions about the strict similarity between high-level programming and what is going on in what we call living beings.

There are some big molecules, made out of atoms in an almost uniform ways (I am oversimplifying, of course) they are chains of amino-acids (in case of proteins). These molecules have a structure, which determines its physical shape and hence its electrical and chemical properties. Some of these we call proteins, some enzimes, some act as a data, some as high-order procedures - they perform transportation of one physical forms (structures) into another.

In some sense, the ingenious intuition behind the original Lisp was that the same uniform chains of data (list structures) could represent the code and the data, and that there is no fundamental difference among them. Moreover, the internal representation and human-readable notation could be also uniform, and reflect and express this uniformity in the syntax - that's why we have all these parentheses and write in ASTs.

The structure is what lifts a "dumb" matter into a higher level. This is Yin. The procedures - the algorithms - are the second half. It is Yang. The list structure is what binds them together.

Here it is captured not just the essence of programming as a data-processing discipline, but also something of a higher level. An intuition, which, I believe, illuminated the famous minds behind many early Lisps.