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Why I hate SAP.

Got hell-banned HN again, this time due to not politically correct remarks about some SAP product:

Oh my, that "Delphi mentality" in 2013..) ExtJS, if I remember correctly, is 5 or 6 years old already?) But we, no doubt, will read about ground-breaking innovations from their PR machine.)

Is there any info which "startup" they have acquired or in what third-world country it was outsourced?)

  1. My position about practices SAP uses remains unchanged:
  1. I do have reasons to suspect that SAPUI5 could be outsourced third-party project because it is way SAP "cutting costs" by outsourcing development in so-called third-world, while asserting "world-class quality of its software".
  1. I do understand that my remarks bases on guesswork could produce unpleasant feeling in honest developers, but who even considered feeling thousands of ruined carers, teams and even companies because they do messed up with SAP.
  1. I do not follow the practice of so-called polit-correctness toward incompetent, impotent "management" or "IT specialists" who was brain-washashed by SAP or Java propaganda, on the very same reasons these people would not tolerate a drunk or dope addict.
  1. I am quite sure, that in some corners of the world there are true and honest SAP consultants and certified professionals, who honestly trying to help their customers and not mislead and manipulate them, but, unfortunately, I never have seen one in my life.