Idiots in charge.

There is a rare, decicious thread on StackOverflow, from which one could get a lot of insights, what happens in Java-sweatshops running by ignorant "managers":

Follow up discussion on HN and Reddit

There are a few patterns to recognize.

Fist, we could notice how incompetence and stupidity leads to inventing a meaningless rituals to perform, to delude themselves, to gain unsubstantiated confidence, and get rid of anxiety and doubts without understanding or explaining anything.

This is like a naive religions beliefs. We do not understand laws of nature and mind, so, everything is created by god by its will. Go back shopping.

So, idiots invented rules to follow, instead of trying to learn and improve their own understanding.

Paul Graham, in one of his essays, told us a story about how to deal with bullies in a childhood. The answer is run upstairs. It not just means literally make him exhausted and give up, but more general, universal meaning - grow up, learn more, improve. Become a highly developed individual.

This is a universal principle. By knowing more you would be able to see more, able to understand and realize phenomena which idiots unable to notice.

More importantly, the greater understanding allows you to drop meaningless activities, cease to perform useless repeated rituals, free your own resources, and, because of that, improve your realizations even more, on the next recursive step.

For example, the whole idea of giving a idiotic notations including a encoded type is so stupid and creates only more confusion.

It is like writing thatSmallAnimalWithFourLegsAndATail instead of using a word cat. The idea that there could be one hierarchical classification or a type system for everything is so naive.

Our Natural language is evolved to deal with real-world phenomena, and the underlying idea is that we could attach a symbol (sound) to an anything we could perceive, describe, visualize or point out with a hand. It is like attaching a tag, a label. It is not about maintaining a classification. There are many of them, and they are subtle and dynamic.

All those problems with idiotic naming schemes, rules and rituals came from ignorance - lack of understanding and domain-specific knowledge, as if a plumber would be promoted to supervise a software project. This is cause of all that pain and suffering we could see in the links above.


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