Abstract Concepts

All abstract concepts are wrong, but some are useful. There are some which toxic.

Do not assume anything which is not there.

  • Future

There is no such thing as future, and it cannot be predicted in principle within a single unfolding process which this Universe is. There is no way to tell the exact outcome of a coin toss (according to the nature of the universe it is undefined), leave alone something more complex. This does not mean that Planning is useless. It just will never be certain and never with a single possibility.

  • Numbers

There is no such thing as a number below the level of abstractions which produces the mind of an intelligent observer. There is no numbers outside your head. Mother Nature does not count.

  • Time

There is no such thing as time apart from being a notion inside the mind of an intelligent observer - there is no such physical phenomena as time.

  • Probabilities

Obviously, there is no such thing as probability. It is merely a mental construct, like prime numbers. They does not exist anywhere outside your mind.

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