Anonymity is one of the greatest modern inventions, second only to sliced bread.

It allows autistic, shy and socially awkward persons (like me) to participate in certain kinds of social activities, like discussions of public forums or contribution to software projects without being constantly overwhelmed by normies and mere idiots. That is we could contribute to a common goal without relying too much on so-called social skills, which is, basically, different forms of deception (this is exactly what we are bad at and what we find difficult to cope with - deception).

Anonymity does not mean lack of identity. It means having more than one. Disposable. Operational.

This has very strong connection with the Eastern notion of so-called individuality (the corner-stone of Western society) being largely an illusion, a mere abstraction. Non-essential bundle of concepts and memories of past actions. Merely bullshit.

Benefits of anonymity

Issues with anonymity

Reputation as millennia old solution

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