The only reason you need a company instead of working alone is that organizations will always out-compete individuals.

This is true even with creation of works of art. The specialization principle (the very basis of collective societies) allows one to delegate some tasks to "narrow" specialists, who routinely out-perform amateurs by a large margin due to repeated practice. Practice makes perfect.


Specialization is a natural (self-evolved) arrangement, which reflects constraints of the shared environment.

Even cells has another specialized cells (or whatever they have been reduced to) inside them. Multicellularity is nothing but specialization. You are just a society of highly specialized cells. Billions of them.

Insects and animals, obviously, have specialization too.

Designer, Master Painter, Architect

There must be always a master, who knows what to do and how to do, who hires specialists for sub-tasks.

Every complex construction or assembly project is structured in a such way. Organizations work with other organizations on a contract basis.

Evolution, which has no Architect or Designer, goes by the trial and error (via multiple feed-back loops) method, which is too slow for us.

Non-overlapping tasks running in parallel

The definition of parallelism is to have nothing (not a single point) in common.

In terms of processes it is as if the sub-processes are completely unrelated. Being unrelated removes notion of time and ordering.

Unrelated means having nothing in common. Sharing nothing. This is how parallel processes are running by life itself, inside each and every living cell.

To delegate is to establish contracts and to define protocols

This must be done at people (organizations) level. We agree on what we do and how we do it.

The result is a well-defined set of rules to follow by both sides of a contract.

Rules are defined recursively as grammars (where clauses).

Sets of well-defined interfaces are contracts

Establish interfaces fist, and then implement in parallel.

Communication protocols are contracts

Standardize a protocol and then implement.

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