Chakras and Kundalini all over again

Recently I have watched yet another talk of a very popular self-proclaimed Category Theory guru -- Bartosz Milewski and related talk by Philip Wadler, right from the Horse's mouth, so to speak

I have something to say about this. It is so happened that I have quite a lot of experience of reading bullshit and listening to bullshit - I have spent considerable amount of time studying Eastern Philosophy, Indian and Tibetan tantras, things like Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga, that kind of bullshit. I am not trying to say that whole Eastern Philosophy is bullshit, quite contrary, it has discovered the best approximation to What Is, but these subjects mentioned earlier are utter bullshit. First grade bullshit, gold standard, leser only to the bullshit produced by Hegel himself.

Why all these talks about deep connection between various pseudo-logical and pseudo-mathematical mental systems, superimposed on a single, one Reality (on what is) are the same as Chakras and Kundalini? Because they share the same properties, namely piling up abstractions upon superimposed on reality abstractions.

There are a few obvious examples of bullshit which is taken for granted. A rule in classical logic that False implies True or that False implies anything. Bullshit. False does not imply anything. The symmetry, which naive mind of an observer loves so much, is illusory. It must yield the same kind of a type error as attempt to take from an empty list, which is, again, a list only in the mind.

Why an empty set is a member of any other set? Well, it is "nice" for the mind, but in the real world a wallet is never a member of a change, bucket, even empty one, is not water, etc.

Here comes the point. All the categories created by the mind of an observer does not exist outside the mind of an observer. The things observed do, and they obviously have commonalities (common patterns) because the Universe has its laws. Things exist, laws exist, categories do not.

What it is that is in common between Logics, Type Theory and Category Theory? The way the mind of an observer processes information. Just this. No more, no less.

The mind is sequential by definition, conditioned and trained by sequential sense organs. The mind is self-centered, it places itself in the center, and it is relativistic - it compares everything with itself and measures against itself.

Mind is conditioned by sequential sense organs, it extracts common patterns, but sequential only and it generalizes these patterns using abstractions (made out of words of a language and visual symbols) and produces inner representations out of these abstractions. Systematized abstractions form systems, such as logics or categories or types. No wonder, these have something in common - what they have in common is The Source of all conditioning.

To get closer to What Is we must eliminate all the notions in which an observer plays any role. Eventually, everything will be reduced to the implications of the laws of the Universe which makes molecular biology (and Life Itself) possible, including an intelligent observer and all its abstract notions. Exactly this -- Reality first, abstract bullshit second.

Logics and Mathematics are mental systems superimposed on Reality, not the source of Reality or even its underlying laws.

Why zero is an even number? Because 1 is odd, and a number prior to an odd number must be even? Reality has no notion of a number in the first place. An observer has. There is no such thing as zero outside our heads. Empty slots in enzymes - plenty. But not a single zero. Does Natural Numbers are better that any other numbers? Well, at least they are closer to Reality. Zero is more distant.

So, what are these things we call conjunction, disjunction and implication? Well, these are our abstractions about "simultaneous" (and "proximity"), "alternatively" and "transition" - the notions applicable to a processes. Only notions of processes are close to reality in which everything is a process. Reality is a process itself. Every other notions are even more distant.

So, the notion of "proximity" or "distance" between things is more "real", so this is how category theorists has been built their Chakras and Kundalini. The notion of a "transition", or a "reaction", if you wish (like Hs and Os form H2Os) is what is behind the more abstract notions of implication and application of a function (much more abstract concepts). Again, Reality First.

What Is bounds everything else, including mental constructs. Not the other way around.

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