Some values may be compound (or nested) which implies that they have a particular structure.

Life itself is based on nothing buat molecular structures - distinct arrangements of atoms, each of which has its own unique structure. H2O is the most fundamental example (in many ways - life has been originated and is possible only in water. A cell is nothing but a piece of ocean inside a membrane).

All physical structures imply the notion of Ordering. Linear structures in principle could be Traversed in two directions (from each end) which implies that one physical structure could be "read" in two ways (unless it is a palindrome).

For lists the notion of a palindrome is defined by

palindrome xs = (xs == reverse xs)


let palindrome xs = (xs = List.rev xs)

BTW, in the real world the notion of reversing a linear structure is literally about looking at the same structure for different point of view (for an intelligent observer) or traversing it for the opposite end for an "unintelligent" ensime.

This also means that the notion of "physical ordering" is so to speak "real", while notions of the mind are... well, does not exist outside the mind.

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