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     1= Reputation =
     3Imagine that you are back into dark ages in a still undeveloped third-world. What is the only asset you have in a primitive society? ''Your name and reputation''.
     5Most of poor and under-developed communities are (naturally) socially-oriented, and the name, reputation and so-called "lose of one's face" are of paramount importance.
     7So, this is how to survive in a primitive society - have a decent reputation of (really) being good at something. Just this -''know your shit and be known''. Usually, it happens automatically.
     9== The Law Of Karma ==
     10The ancient "law" states, that you are the sum-total of all your actions (or deeds). Well, ''reputation'' is just a ''derivative'' of all your ''publicly known'' social actions, if you wish (while what you ''are'' is just a ''sum-total of all your thoughts and actions'').
     12This law is confirmed by millennia, there is literally nothing to talk about.
     14== Sweatshops ==
     15There are no shortage of ''online sweatshops'' which squeeze themselves in the middle between a serviceman and its actual customers. Everyone know [wiki:/Upwork] or its clones.
     17Another kind of sweatshops are reputation-based QA sites, such as [ StackExchange], where you get ''points'' for answering other people questions.
     19Nowadays almost every public forum or a non-anonymous discussion board has so-called "karma-points" which measure your reputation (according to a particular culture of the place).