We do what you ask us to do, until you miss a payment (yes, we could tolerate a single loss).

It is that simple (and must be kept simple).


The only thing you know is that someone with a valid public key committed some code into your repo. We could easily chat on IRC or even exchange email messages, but all you would see is just a nickname and/or email address.

This is the main point. It makes a lot of things easy and tolerable, both for you and for us.

Your risk, not ours

We do not care how do you manage your project, how you prevent leaks or IP theft (assuming you have anything worthy we do not realize).

You, probably, should never expose the code base in its entirety and never reveal more than it is needed to perform a complete iteration (bootstrapping -> spec -> prototype -> code). Have many repos, have separate team (of just you?) who do complete builds (types make all).

Shared repo

We commit the code somewhere, usually a private git repo with public keys authentication. It could be even your private GitHub repo, who cares?

We commit only what passes the tests and conforms to the spec. Everything else is up to you or other freelancers.

No obligations

Obviously, we have no obligation to you whatsoever. There is absolutely no obligations or warranties of any kind. We will never meet or talk, that is the point. Trying to find us is an act of aggressive disrespect and will be confronted accordingly.

Daily or weekly payments

The only thing you could do it to pause and/or terminate the contract.

  • Missing one single payment is the signal to pause the process.
  • Not resuming payments after 3 consecutive periods is the signal to never talk again.

This is the protocol.

Easy come, easy go

In any case you are owner of the code made so far (for the money you spent). This is what you could have.

see also Freelancing

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