100% idle

100% idle is my name for the effective CBT for those with Asperger syndrome.

100% idle mind doesn't mean that it is dull or stagnant, on the contrary it is most alerted, awakened state due to lack of any interference with other inner processes.

The tension we are experiencing in our lives comes from being overwhelmed with emotions, which non-verbal, more primitive, non-cortical processes, such as fear, anxiety, contempt and disgust. We are overwhelmed by people and inevitable necessity to deal with them which we cannot completely avoid.

Everything begins with understanding, with realization what we are, how different we are and, to some extent, how it works. In very simple words we are overloaded, like a server with too many processes and I/O operations, busy with constant swapping. Different processes (on different levels) of the mind are interfering with each other, causing shrinking attention, flawed perception, physical discomfort and, as a consequence, stress, anxiety, tiredness - that state what we name with words 'being overwhelmed'.

The solution is simple and straightforward - to manage our inner processes better and, by deliberate practice, to change our habits, to unlearn the flawed ones we have developed without understanding of our nature, and develop new ones, with self-awareness and self-control in its core.

The vast literature is available on the subject of so-called meditation, self-awareness, inner peace. 95% of it is utter nonsense, but some ideas and works, most notable of J. Krishnamurti provide detailed analysis and explanations of how our minds works and why. There are also two classic books of Marvin Minsky, in which he reflects almost the same ideas and develops a semi-independent process-based view (society) of the mind.

This is quite enough to change oneself.

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