Avoid webshit. Really.

Welcome to Node.js v12.4.0.
Type ".help" for more information.
> 0 == "0"
> 0 == []
> "0" == []
> 0 == ""
> "" == []
> true+true === 2
> true === 1
> ['1', '7', '11'].map(parseInt)
[ 1, NaN, 3 ]

Avoid dynamically-typed languages at all costs.

Use tooling if you are

do not do plumbing yourself - delegate it

but do understand the principles and important metrics

so you could control the process and evaluate the results

Contrary to popular myth, memorizing countless nuances and special cases of this or that Javascript framework which come and go, does not make one a programmer - a mere coder, perhaps. To become a programmer one has to understand, internalize and apply the the big ideas, Fundamentals and Principles of programming in general, which has nothing to do with these piles of incomprehensible crap most Java or Javascript coders produce.

The first principle is quite simple - recursively simplify and refine until there is nothing more to remove or refactor - the base case (a local optimum) is reached. This is what the best poets do.


If one is so unfortunate to end up in a some Javascript sweatshop or the only payment he could receive is for messing with Javascript frameworks, then, at least, understand and use the tools which makes accompanying pain and disgust less severe.

see also PHP

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