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Esoteric expressions

((lambda x x) (lambda x x))
(define id ((lambda (x) x) (lambda (x) x)))
((lambda xs xs))
(define list (lambda xs xs))
(define (atom? x) (not (pair? x)))

'() is a List but not a Pair


(define (list? xs)
  (cond ((null? xs) #t)
        ((and (pair? xs) (null? (cdr xs))) #t)
        (else #f)))
(define (list? xs)
  (or (null? xs) (and (pair? xs) (null? (cdr xs)))))
(define (last? xs)
  (and (not (null? xs)) (null? (cdr xs))))


(define (map f xs)
  (if (null? xs)
      (cons (f (car xs))
            (map f (cdr xs)))))
(define (map f xs)
  (define (recur xs)
    (if (null? xs)
        (cons (f (car xs))
              (recur (cdr xs)))))
  (recur xs))
(define (map f xs)
  (letrec ((recur (lambda (xs)
                   (if (null? xs)
                       (cons (f (car xs))
                             (recur (cdr xs)))))))
    (recur xs)))
(define (map f xs)
  (let recur ((ys xs))
    (if (null? ys)
        (cons (f (car ys))
              (recur (cdr ys))))))

foldl pattern, tail-recursive, O(2n)

(define (map f xs)
  (define (iter acc xs)
    (cond ((null? xs) (reverse acc))
          (else (iter (cons (f (car xs)) acc) (cdr xs)))))
  (iter '() xs))


(define (foldr f z xs)
  (if (null? xs)
      (f (car xs) (foldr f z (cdr xs)))))
(define (map f xs)
  (foldr (lambda (x xs) (cons (f x) xs)) '() xs))
map f = foldr ((:) . f) []
(define (foldl f acc xs)
  (if (null? xs)
      (foldl f (f acc (car xs)) (cdr xs))))
(define (reverse xs)
  (foldl (flip cons) '() xs))

constant-space, tail-recursive O(2n) - the cost of extra reverse

(define (foldr f z xs)
    (foldl (flip f) z (reverse xs)))
(define map (lambda (f xs)
              (reverse (foldl (lambda (xs x) (cons (f x) xs)) '() xs))))
map f = reverse . foldl (flip ((:) . f)) []
(define (foldr1 f xs)
  (cond ((null? xs) (error "foldr1 on '()"))
        ((last? xs) (car xs))
        (else (f (car xs) (foldr1 f (cdr xs))))))
(define (foldl1 f xs)
  (if (null? xs)
      (error "foldl1 on '()")
      (foldl f (car xs) (cdr xs))))


(define partially (lambda (f . as)
                    (lambda xs
                      (apply f (append as xs)))))
(define copy (partially foldr cons '()))
(define reverse (partially foldl (flip cons) '()))
(define length (partially foldl (lambda (acc x) (+ 1 acc)) 0))
(define sum (partially foldl + 0))


(define-syntax when
  (syntax-rules ()
                ((when condition form ...)
                 (if condition
                   (begin form ...)))))
(define-syntax unless
  (syntax-rules ()
                ((unless condition form ...)
                 (if (not condition)
                   (begin form ...)))))
(define-syntax assert
  (syntax-rules ()
                ((assert condition . extra)
                 (unless condition
                   (error "Assertion failed:" 'condition . extra)))))


(define-syntax check-expect
  (syntax-rules ()
                ((_ check expect)
                 (let ((checked check)
                       (expected expect))
                   (if (not (equal? checked expect))
                       (display "expression: ")
                       (write (quote check))
                       (display "received:   ")
                       (write checked)
                       (display "expected:   ")
                       (write expected)
                     (if #f #t))))))


(define-syntax stream-cons
  (syntax-rules ()
    ((_ x xs)
     (cons x (delay xs)))))
(define (stream-cdr xs)
  (force (cdr xs)))
(define (stream-map f xs)
  (stream-cons (f (car xs)) (stream-map f (stream-cdr xs))))
(define (stream-filter f xs)
  (if (f (car xs))
      (stream-cons (car xs) (stream-filter f (stream-cdr xs)))
      (stream-filter f (stream-cdr xs))))
(define (stream-take n xs)
  (if (<= n 0)
      (cons (car xs) (stream-take (- n 1) (stream-cdr xs)))))
(define (repeat x)
  (stream-cons x (repeat x)))
(define (iterate f x)
  (stream-cons x (iterate f (f x))))
(define (replicate n x)
  (stream-take n (repeat x)))

Newton's method

see also Standard ML

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