We are software engineers, not mere coders. We are creating models, inventing and combining ideas, different perspectives, collecting and analyzing data, formalizing processes. We are dealing with ideas and abstractions, not just tools. Algorithms, models, data-structures, processes, streams and data-sets - these are our subjects.

That does not mean that we don't care about tools. We are using the best tools available, developed by other talented and passionate engineers, when these tools are appropriate for out tasks. Assembly language, C, Scheme, Common Lisp Python3, Go - these are our choices. We like the philosophy, the ideas, the principles and the styles they are founded on. We like those talented engineers and programmers who designed them. We know that less code is better than more.

We have no interest in Java, which is mere an ecosystem for mediocre to earn money by piling up layers upon layers of meaningless abstractions, without any hint of understanding or in Javascript, which just a flawed in-browser scripting language, pushed into all markets by the huge crowd of mediocre, who, although had some experience in making dynamic web pages, now wishing to earn money as a software developers. We are not coders.

We do not waste our time for so-called industry standards, such as XML or Flash or whatever buzzword baked by tons of money. We are using open, de-facto standards of reason and utility, upon which most of famous modern services were build.

We do not deal with proprietary platforms and commercial software, considering it as a wrong way, a deprecated legacy and wasting of time and effort in order to make someone else rich. We are using free software and open source technologies and actively contributing to improve existing and develop the new.

We believe that our effort and contributions to the global community of producers and achievers will find its way back to us, in terms of the good will and happiness of others, as it always been, according to the law of Karma.

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