It from bit

2^x - how many distinct values could be represented with x bits
log2 x - how many bits is required to optimally represent information

two basic properties

  • which are (combinations)
  • how many (quantity)


  • the notion of an alternative - logical connective OR
  • the notion of a Sum specify which outcomes are possible
  • the notion of addition says how many of them


  • the notion of a combination - logical connective AND
  • the notion of a product specify which combinations are possible
  • the notion of multiplication says how many of them


  • the notion of transformation - an implication - connective =>
  • the notion of mapping says which arrows are possible
  • the notion of exponentiation says how many are there
  • exponentiation is not associative, so is implication
  • it has a direction, like a vector or a process. a build-up

old stuff

Everything we think we know are just a rough approximations.

Everything expressed in a dualistic notion of logical OR - this or that, 1 or 0 are naive oversimplifications. Reality, it seems, manifested itself in accordance with the notion of logical AND - this AND that, 0 AND 1, (NOT 0 OR 1). To some extent, with some probability - fuzzy logic, as they call it.

Position of a particle is NOT known OR unknown - it is known AND unknown. It is an approximation, it is known to some extent - truth times some term between 0 and 1. It is a particle AND a wave, it is mass AND energy, it is a field, it is fuzzy. They call this Quantum mechanics.

In the same way, the source of consciousness is known AND unknown. It cannot be described with thoughts made out of words - its products, but it very often could be grasped, experienced non-verbaly. Just because it is everything everywhere and we are That.

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