not True = False

Each Truth is different, all the falsehoods are the same.

All the non-terminating terms are equally meaningless (diverge, explode). Exactly the same like all the statements of bullshit. They does not converge to meaningfulness (non-contradiction with what is).

What are models

Well, you take a body of a human and attach to it wings of a swan, and you have an angel. Just a few hundred years ago no one has any doubt that angels are there, because - you see - the model is simple and does not contradict any prior assumptions.

Pegasus, dragons, especially anthropomorphic gods are models. So were naive models of states, Utopias, up to cultural Marxism.

What these models have in common? They are naive, disconnected from actual reality oversimplified bullshit.

In the last 120 years we have evolved highly sophisticated, complex, probability and abstract math based bullshit. With all that math the models are the same angels and unicorns.

The map is not the territory

A map is a model of a territory. It is an abstract idea of a portion of land. A physical map is a representation (on paper), which is inevitably, in principle, by definition differ from what is.

The purpose of a map is to simplify the reality: to reduce information overload, such that a person could cope and make some decisions.

A mere cartoon of what is

Inadequate models - just one single crucial factor forgotten or missing (never understood or taken into account) and the model is wrong. Almost as wrong as all the other wrongs.

Model-based science

Modern "scientists" create highly abstract approximate models for some over-simplified and idealized version of the world to make grossly inaccurate predictions about it. Look no further than finance or climate.

Logical fallacies

Law of excluded middle (no notion of yet Unknown) does not applicable to real-world phenomena (only to abstract numeric systems).

This means that only the intuitionistic system of logic could be employed. No indirect proofs - an existence of something (of a particular object) must be shown (constructed) and proved.

see also Abstraction

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