People to read

Basically, reading and watching these people on Youtube will be enough.


  • John McCarthy: papers
  • Ritchie: K&R, papers
  • Armstrong: thesis, programming_rules, "Programming Erlang" (R.I.P.)


  • C. A. R. Hoare
  • David Turner: Miranda, books, papers
  • Richard Bird: Books.
  • Minsky: AIMs, "Society of Mind", "Emotional Machine"
  • Steele: AIMs, CLtL2
  • Sussman: AIMs, SICP
  • David Moon:
  • Norvig: PAIP, lisp-style, AIMA
  • Graham: Essays, "On Lisp", "ANSI Common Lisp"
  • Odersky: le gigaChad
  • SPJ: Implementation of functional languages.

Mere mortals


  • prof. Brian Harvey: the legendary
  • Eric Grimson: the last Scheme hacker at MIT
  • Gregor Kiczales: the method guy
  • Dan Grossman: the PL guru


see also Books

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