A tiny bit of real philosophy is worth of whole libraries of Hegelian abstract bullshit.

One should study some philosophy, which precedes a proper, rigid science, in order to realize how much bullshit is there. Actually, there are not just skyscrapers but whole Himalayas of socially constructed and socially maintained bullshit around us, and it is as real as real buildings and mountains, just on a different level. Look at so-called modern abstract-model-based "science" (what a Tantric bullshit!) or holy Catholic Church.

There are useful heuristic or red flags to backtrack a search process in order not to waste effort examining arbitrary deep branches of utter bullshit. Whole peaks of bullshit. "Transcendental", "higher consciousness", "eternal", "infinite" are obvious triggers to stop right there and prune the whole branch without further descending. We have reached the higher planes of a highly abstract bullshit.

They said, for example, that life is striving to become immortal, that being is becoming, that mortal is striving to become immortal, finite to become infinite. This is bullshit. Life has no concepts of immortality or infinity. Life has no idea that it is mortal or finite. If it strives for something, it is reproduction of itself. It happens, that those who do it more efficiently and better adapted to its particular environment will eventually outperform everyone else, consume all the resources available and die alone. Like a very successful virus, which managed to kill its host.

Every concept of God, except monism, where God is this Universe of which everything else is a byproduct, is, obviously, utter bullshit. The Universe is a machine, an analog computer, if you wish. It runs all the physical processes the way computer runs programs (which are processes too). Life is a higher-level process (higher than underlying physics - the way a sentence of a human language is a higher-level abstraction than a single phoneme - a particular sound). Any form of it. It is ran by the Universe, because (and only because) the Universe has its laws which enable and make processes and structures possible. For programs computer which runs it should be a God. Even if it could be an emulator - mere another program (and the nesting could be arbitrary deep). Other gods are even worse - they are abstract men.

The main principle, however, is that there is no way to determine or even comprehend anything about the computer (or an emulator) from the level of a program running inside it. This is because the whole system, however big, is a closure and particular interfaces form an abstraction barrier between adjacent levels, impenetrable from without. Life has no idea what it uses a particular set of atoms (or that there are any atoms). It is implemented on atoms in water, but it has no idea how atoms are implemented, that they are, lets say, nothing but a "trapped or localized energy".

The seers of Upanishads arrived at this conclusion (impossibility of determining the ultimate nature of reality - anything about the machine) first, by observing given partial aspects of reality, external and internal (introspection), by following logic and by examining non-verbal intuitions (characteristics of the environment encoded within an evolved organism). They have realized that we are never in a direct contact with reality as it is, but are using our internal representation ("trained" inside a brain by evolved to match the environment machinery) which is a pre-defined structure augumented by sum-total of all the sensory input and repeated higher-level experience. There are interfaces (atoms) at the level of molecular biology, beyond which life, being a higher level process closed in the atoms-in-water "closure", cannot penetrate in principle. (Intellect could convince itself that it does, but these abstract ideas have nothing to do with the machine that runs it). A hundred or so of "known" sub-atomic particles is rediculous ("discovered" from a simulation based on an abstract model).

Nevertheless, this is a lesson about abstraction barriers and what we call closures and interfaces, that they are very real, and the whole life is based on them. The very basis of life RNA -> Proteins -> Enzymes is due to "stable atomic interfaces" - the universal standard if you wish. All the hierarchy of higher levels, awareness, language, abstract thinking, self-awareness, up to Hegel himself and subsequent degradation.

The same Upanishadic seers also realized that time is nothing but a subjective abstraction, and has no real existence. The very false dichotomy of the subject-object division in the first place (a subject is just a distortion of reality by a confused, self-centered mind) has been captured by the Upanishadic seers too. (all the Hegelian bullshit together with dialectic materialism could be safely pruned out).

The absence of time as an independent phenomena (instead of being a mere mode of perception) and hence of any temporary states is exactly what so-called Functional Programming is all about.

There is a fundamental philosophical principle - Counting requires a conscious entity to read the value of a counter which is not available at the lower levels of life. If you ask how the Mother Nature solves the problem of "an overflow of a counter" the answer is Mother Nature does not count. The concept of a number is a product of the mind of a conscious entity (an intelligent observer). A merely mechanical process (which is what life is) cannot build a counter or a clock alone by itself (without use of an intellect, which is a much higher level). This is why there is no counting and therefore no notion of time in molecular biology (and underlying physics or chemistry). Mother Nature does not count.

The machinery of life is analogous, not digital. It uses physical structures (concrete patterns) but not abstract numbers. It uses pattern matching instead of counting or reading. There is no time in molecular biology. There is no counting in molecular biology. There is no clock. There is no time. Counting and time are concepts of the mind. Mind is a product of an analogous machine we call brain, which itself is made without notions of time or numbers or any abstract concept whatsoever. The one of the implications of this principle is that a brain itself does not have any counters or clocks.

Molecular biology is bound by physics (and chemistry) of this particular Universe and conditions on this particular planet (presence of water and climate with appropriate range of temperatures). Understanding of how life works at its basis - at the molecular level is to learn the best approximation to what is and how to build a really robust and complex systems out of simple layers of closures.

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