Correlation is not Causation

Correlation does not imply Causation. It is deeply related to the Map Is Not a Territory principle.

Any statistical of observation is never, in principle, explanatory or predictive.

My measuring amount of change among different variables a correlation could be observed (but not deduced) - observations are temporary, while proper deductions are statements of truth.

No amount of observation could predict the very next event. Yes, the Sun will not go off tomorrow, but it is because what kind of a process Sun is, not because we have seen it for hundreds of millions of years each morning.

Correlation is not causation. All pseudo-"science" based on estimated probabilities and observed statistically correlations is nothing but bullshit. An astrology of number patterns, like Wish Cabal or whatever it is.

Causation cannot be established by merely observing and sorting events into buckets. Period.

See also Map Is Not a Territory

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