Most new (yet unfamiliar) concepts are variations, extensions, or combinations of what we might already knew.

Just because whole Universe is one single process - an unfolding.

This is precisely why contradictions does not exit (in What Is) and if we have found one, we have to check our premises -- at least one of which will be wrong (love you, Ayn Rand).

This is not yet another abstract idea, this is the main principle, the reason why any accumulation of knowledge are possible in principle - there are a single unfolding process with "a stable set of laws" which make intermediate forms relatively stable (some more stable, like atoms, some less stable, like fragrance molecules).

The brain structure reflects some constraints of the environment in which is has been evolved precisely because such constraints are there.

Any human knowledge is a higher-level representation of aspects of reality based on a human languages and available for introspection and continuous refinement (or degradation).

Continuous refinement of knowledge, to converge upon as close as possible approximation to What Is is the good philosophy as opposed to an systematized abstract bullshitting (thank you, Ayn Rand one more time).

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