Easy way of problem-solving

  1. Everything is simple. You give us a description of a problem, a topic, a list of keywords you are interesting in.
  2. We write a few pages here with related first-rate information.
  3. You apply our information to solve your particular problem or a task.
  4. Send us bitcoin or wire us cash when you done.


We could work together on your project but our terms.

We will create an .onion (Tor) site with a fresh Trac installation and private git repositories and will collaborate through it.

There are terms and conditions for Subcontracting.

Please also read Remote, Productivity and Freelancing

How much it cost

Well, it is 50% of what one is willing to pay hourly to a good doctor, a lawyer, a reputable personal tutor or trainer, a programmer (at FAANG) or any kind of a trusted professional.

Why? Well, we have no obligations to you, and you do not have to pay any insurances, taxes or even office expenses. Seems fair-enough.

What we can do

There are what we can do for you:

  • Bootstrapping

systematizing, formalizing and rethinking ideas, shaping-up projects from ideas, through research, to prototypes.

  • Research and development

reviewing core concepts and technologies, researching, collecting and analyzing the data.

  • Prototyping

designing, engineering and programming a working prototype of a project, from your very first ideas.

  • Consulting

teaching you about proper methodologies, open-source technologies and stacks, how to reuse and save.

  • Auditing

diagnosing and analyzing behind-schedule, stalled or failed projects to develop a restart strategy.

  • Couching

software engineering methodologies, open source software development, system administration.

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