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So, you want to be a software developer?

Conveyor belt

Have you ever watched any one of these movies which show an assembly line in a automobile factory? You absolutely must, because the business of producing of software is no different. Seriously.

In order to make a product you must figure out how to assemble it sequentially (frame first, engine second, transmission third, etc) but in parallel, so one worker does not stumble on the other, while performing their task at the same time (on different sides of a frame, perhaps).

This understanding is the key. If you are trying to make an Android app from scratch alone, doing everything (frame and engine and transmission and painting) yourself you will spend months if not years. This is exactly why we have specialization in the first place.

Someone is doing all this boring, repetitive encoding of assets (images, styles, buttons and what not). Another persons, in parallel (at the same time), are coding all these long lines of idiotic static typing declaration in Java. Ideally, specialization goes further - some people are specialized on arranging widgets and attaching callbacks to UI events, others specialize in networking (which is quite orthogonal to widgets), others do their parts of business logic, etc, etc.

All together it is an assembly line, a conveyor belt, even if the workers are sitting at their desks instead of running around a moving frame on the belt. The difference is only apparent. The process is the same, and if not, you will be outcompeted and will fail.


Android is crap. It is as bad a J2EE. Actually, it is J2EE-like framework for for mobile devices. It is absolutely successful as a commercial product because there are millions of cheap Java coders to staff assembly lines. Nothing else. Plenty of easily replaceable, cheap coders. Java itself is an ecosystem for sweatshops and has been designed to be as rigid and verbose as possible for this very reason - to be a sweatshop ecosystem.



Have you ever been in a situation when in order to create a bunch of web pages with menu and navigation links you have to install 943 Nodejs packages? Never? Welcome to modern web development.

Web dev

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