This is a Javascript library, like JQuery, which provides mostly-functional set of interfaces to a browser's DOM.

It has lots of good ideas from functional programming, by people who never studied functional programming.

The principles

The only advantage of it is so-called server-side-rendering meme, which means, that the HTML/Javascript code will be transpilled into a set of self-contained single-page-apps - a stream of HTML, which once loaded into a browser does not require any internet access (the PWA meme).

Basically, each page becomes a set of nested pure functions, ideally at least.

Technically, a react-app with all its html, assets and functions is being transpilled (by Babel) and "linked" (by Webpack) into a optimized standalone "executable" for a browser (a bloated crapware in reality).


sudo npm i -g jquery react react-dom

see also Babel, Webpack

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