To see things as they are

Equality means Same or different - Equivalent (Similar)

A Set is formalized notion of a Group (a pile, a cluster) There is a notion of Membership (belonging, being inside) but no notion of Ordering (precedence) (a heap)

Ordering in a pile or a heap or a cluster is possible only relative to the Poit Of View (arbitrary center of coordinates). From left to right is not the same as from right to left. There is, of course, no left or right.

Coordinates, obviously, does not exists, like any points of views.

in a molecule there is no ordering, but each atom has its position relative to other atoms due to mutual effects of fundamental forces.

a "light" is trapped due to presence of other factors in this locality Of course, locality does not exist, only "light". So it becomes an atom. an atom is a localized "light" (a temporary set of permanent forces and temporaty factors - other atoms)

Relative things do exist in a dynamic environments (superpositions). But there is no meters or seconds or radiants.

there happen to be certain relative positions of atoms, but there is no angles between axis, there is no axis the factors that shape molecules are phisical, not mathematical (abstract) there are effects of forces, so a particular shape emerges. it will the same shape with the same set of forces (factors) same input, same output. always.

nonexistent abstractions integrated into an inner representation of reality distorts reality and cannot be distinguished from correct representations

it is like a footprint on a sand - could be of certain shape restricted by the nature of a pile of a sand and foots (universe)

a shape could be matched against - like a piece of RNA

that shape gets constantly updated/reshaped

with a bullshit and facts (reflection of what is)

and eventually becomes erroded due to entropy into a blur (back to the sand)

Life Itself

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