Vim is a masterpiece of classic software engineering, a classic example of evolved solution based on right principles and adequate set of concepts.

Almost everything about Vim could be explained in 10 pages long brochure, or in a series of letters (blog posts).

There is a few quotes from the Master who predicted all this some hundred years ago.

There is an example of such a skilled writing

This writing is so good, that it could be considered the vim tutorial (of whole Internets).

There is even more brief and concise summary

where almost everything you need to know about Vim has been fit in a single full-screen wallpaper image.

Arguably, to comprehend this cheat sheet one should read some introductory text a couple of pages long, like the one mentioned above. This is why a mini-tutorial supplements the image.

Now, what is graphomania.

Practical Vim

There is a book, in the Pragmatic Programmer series, called (unsurprisingly) Practical Vim. The author, it seems, thought that he must include all the bullshit he could recall in his 350+ pages long manuscript to describe what should be fit in a man page.

And I am not even biased - his hour long video lectures - the paid ones for a live audience (not the short, more or less focused screen-casts) are streams of narcissistic bullshit too. He is being paid to fill the time instead of paper.

The main theme of his book is to self-proclaim himself as an internet-vim-guru, and make money, obviously, but not helping people understand what Vim is and how to use it.

This kind of narcissistic graphomania is second only to now famous to better learn the subject I decided to write a book about it kind of bullshit, which one could easily google up.


About 99% of written material nowadays if of lowest quality and motivated by virtue signalling idiocy.

The only purpose of writing is to keep (for yourself in the first place) and to transmit some knowledge (to an older yourself, too). Fiction is another matter, which is, basically, a form of storytelling. Have a story first.

Do not write at all if you have nothing to say or to fill the paper for money. We have enough of crap already.

There is a list of very few really good books

See also

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