The masters of the old were so subtle, mysteriously powerful, so deep - they were unknowable. For those who master change even disturbance is orderly, even danger is safe for those who have conquered themselves.

...hold it without effort
and it will come to you
without end...

It is like a breeze that comes in when you leave the window open, but if you deliberately keep it open, deliberately waiting for it to come, it will never appear.

100% idle

I think we shall begin with a few quotes from the famous movie of David Fincher "Fight Club"

Tyler Durden: You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your fucking khakis. You're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.

Tyler Durden: Listen up, maggots. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else.

In some sense, this movie is enough - everything else could be derived from what you have seen in it. It is full of domesticated ideas from the Oriental philosophy turned into popular memes, which outlines for you the way out. The form is of second importance, the content - the principles is what matters. The main principle is that not just one (not a god or fate) is responsible for one's conditions but he (and he only) is capable to change these conditions. These are millenia old principles.

To really understand the principles we have to add a few more memes:

You are not your memories, not your personal experiences, not what your mom and dad have told you, not what you been taught in school and on the streets, not even your culture or tradition or your social status. All this is mere conditioning - reflections in a mirror. You are not these reflections, not even a sum-total of all of them. You are the mirror.

Mirror, by its nature, is unaffected by what it reflects. It does not care. So shall you.

It is a long journey to realize, to internalize this simple concept, so we will use lots of ideas to show that it is everywhere.

First of all, we must understand that our intellect is not the whole. It is just a product of so-called Primordial Awareness (what newborn babies have). This awareness allows us to train oneself to sit and stand, and in the very same way, by training a huge cluster of Neural Networks, to learn a human language. Language gives us verbal thoughts (in addition to instincts and feelings) and finally the Intellect, which is made out of the Concepts represented in a language and memorized procedures, based on cues and heuristics, which AI guys call Algorithms.

This principle of recognizing the verbal intellect as a by-product of the Mind (which includes that Primordial Awareness, hard-wired instincts, empathy, non-verbal heuristics, such as emotion recognition, which is the base of intuition) is as old as Humanity and it is known by Oriental thinkers since beginning of civilization. It is discussed in the Upanishads, suggested in Tao, realized by Buddha and much later Rumi, and many others.

Some ancient teacher would say Avoid memorizing sayings and living inside a conceptual consciousness. Has it not been said: "Concepts act as robbers, consciousness becomes waves". This is not, about getting rid of all thoughts from the mind, as a naive interpretation of Transcendent Meditation suggested, but to avoid false, oversimplified models of reality which we take for the whole reality. The map is not the territory. The model (or a simulation) is not the reality it represented. It is a crude approximation at best, but usually it is just a popular meme. The names (words of a language) have no relation to actualities, actualities have no relation to names; if you cling to names you will be blocked from the mystery. These who accept words perish; those who linger over sayings get lost. This a verbalization of the fact that non-verbal states, such as love or passion or fear cannot be correctly expressed in any language, because there is a gap between non-verbal "deep structure" of our Neural Networks and the "surface structure" created for out of words of a shared human language for communication.

When you have caught the fish, they said,you forget the trap; when you have gotten the meaning you forget the words. This is what science is all about - you have to understand (or realize) the principles, the laws of Nature or society - the meaning behind the words of definitions. As long as you got the meaning, you could reformulate the definitions, derive the laws.

As long as "views" remain you are ordinary; when views are forgotten you are buddha. Do not seek reality, just stop views. By "views" they mean all these wrong concepts, which veil out the reality from the Primordial Awareness. It could be naive concepts of social hierarchy or so-called world order, it could be flawed concepts of how the mind works or how to threat symptoms instead of causes - the list of a wrong mental concepts is infinite.

Again, this does not mean to become an ignorant imbecile, it is about the realization, that you need your whole Mind, with its intuitions, hard-wired heuristics, its feeling of a proper balance, not just verbal constructs of a limited intellect conditioned by the socium.

I always use the eye in my heart to observe external appearances. I keep observing until I discern the true from the false. This is the very same notion of using the whole Mind. Traditionally, most human cultures, associate the heart with ancient, animal, "genetic" non-verbal mind. Mind here is not just memories but also the machinery, encoded in the DNA.

There is originally no words for truth, but the way to it is revealed by words (truth is not a creation of the mind). In this beautiful passage is a retrospective for all the way back - we got nothing but our Awareness and has been able to realize some laws of Nature which made us.

It is essential for you to cease and desist from your previously held knowledge, opinions, interpretations and understanding. All the naive notions of common sense, restricted, repetitive patterns of habit-ridden consciousness, the traditional rituals, everything taken on faith, based on mere speculations.

It is not accomplished by forcefully stopping the mind - temporary relinquishment is not the way - it fools you into wasting body and mind, without accomplishing anything at all at the end. So called transcendent meditation, the naive technique of forcefully stopping the thought inside ones head is just wrong. The way is to realize the futility of most thoughts, so they will cease by itself as an unnecessary burden and mere waste of oxygen.

You have to be spontaneous each moment, moment after moment. If anything is not forgotten you've spent your life in vain. That is why it is said "even if you learn things pertaining to buddhahood, that too is misuse of the mind.You have to be free from [meaningless] preoccupations. The notion of misuse of the mind is the central concept in the whole doctrine of being 100% idle. The mind could be used as a tool or being the cause of suffering. It must be used when necessary and remain in a 100% idle state all the time, like a well-tuned server.

Our eyes were originally right, but went wrong because of "teachers" (parents, social environment). Every neurologically normal child has everything (what we call Primordial Awareness) to extract knowledge from reality around him. Tibetan babies, wrapped in a woolen blanket, left on the Sun while adults are busy with their work, are able to learn everything they need (by the processes of pattern recognition and matching). Of course, the shared environment condition the learning, but the principle is one and the same.

When you know illusion, you become unattached, without exercising any technique. When you detach from the an illusion you wake up (like from a nightmare), without going through any process (of religious rituals). As long as you realize that this endless rotation of thought, like laundry in a washing machine, is just a habitual day-dreaming, screen-saver of the consciousness, a meaningless delirium, that what we call I or the self is mere a by-product, a side-effect of a processes in the mind, infected by the virus of a language, then you could awaken from it, in the very same way the Buddha did.

And finally this: Shakyamuni Buddha opened up a thousand gates and then thousand doors all at once; someone who is spiritually sharp will immediately act on that.

If you are making up an intellectual understanding of this based on words, or trying to figure it out conceptually, you are as far from it as the sky is form earth. It is the same as intellectual understanding of how to swim or ride a bicycle or how to kiss a girl - no mount of conceptual knowledge will compensate the lack of practice.

A shortcut into the path is to be inwardly empty and outwardly quiet (100% idle) like water that is clear and still, myriad images are reflecting in it, neither sinking nor floating. This is one of the best possible verbalization of what it non-verbal, pre-linguistic, what is before language.

And some metaphysics All things are spontaneously so (reality just is - things are mere impermanent arrangements of atoms). When you look at it, it is. When you look for it, it is not (distorted by an observer). This, again, is an attempt to create a subtle "surface structure" to communicate a non-verbal intuition we, as products of the Universe, "always knew" about its nature.

The [nature of] mind cannot be transmitted (as a "surface structure", made our of words of a language) but can only be experienced (self-realized) in oneself and understood in oneself (truth has no path to it). People, who have yet to realize [the nature of Mind], use mind to seek mind and make Buddha to seek Buddha.

This requires detachment from views, cutting through appearances, seeing beyond words, never pursuing thought on the conceptual faculty (meaningless abstractions) making body and mind empty (from virus processes) inwardly clarifying independent, individual perception (refining your own Neural Network), outwardly unattached to anything at all.

"It should not be that it exists when you speak of it but not when you don't" (a dogma). "It cannot be that it is there when you are sitting in a lotus posture and not there when you get off the meditation seat" (a mere physiological state).

You have to adapt to changes with intuitive (!) penetration and complete fluidity, without bounds (by dogmas). In stillness, you are open and clear (be water, my friend), independently illuminated (by your own Awareness) not imprisoned by special wondrous states (trances). That is what is meant by the saying "За далью даль, за раем рай, играй играй."

A thousand kinds of sayings and ten thousand sorts of explanations are just intended to teach you to always be unconfused (by your own mind). Awakening is not an intellectual concept, a product of the mind. It is a different state (100% idle).