The Few Great Insights

There are a very few "great insight" or big ideas which has been realized by ancient philosophers and spiritual teachers as well as modern scientists.

These big ideas are the most essential parts of oriental philosophy, scientific findings from the fields of evolutionary biology, cognitive neuroscience and social psychology, fundamental concepts and algorithms from the field of artificial intelligence and even ideas from that branch of computer science which deals with complex systems.

Not only these insights have no contradiction between them, but they are augumenting each other in such way, that their sum total could be considered as a whole new level, like the "Adagio in G Minor" is not mere series of acoustic vibrations from a bunch of different devices.

These ideas, in my opinion, should be a part of an intellectual bagage of any educated person, while proper understanding will lead to independent personal realizations and permanent spiritual transformations.

Simplify, Clarify.

Living in 21 century we have quick access to the most recent findings of so-called modern science, but eventually we start to notice ridiculous inconsistencies or even direct contradictions between accepted findings and peer-reviewed studies, especially in those fields which rely heavily on advanced modeling with probabilities. These "new findings" are mere socially constructed consensus, "scientific common sense" disconnected from reality.

Here I am advocating a mix of reductionist approach with severe skepticism, while trying to emphasize these very few great insights, using as correct and precise wording as possible. I am trying to clarify these ideas, instead of engaging in vague and useless commentaries which too often undermine understanding of the important concepts.

I am not pretending to systematize or even structure a vast Indian Philosophy, there are way too many scholars for that. My goal is to clarify my own understanding of some of the few big ideas produced by humanity and improve my daily practices to be more efficient and less time consuming.